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Shahan Rao

Energetic. Shahan is that guy. He brings a swagger and energy to our team and every shoot that's irreplaceable. By the end of the shoot he no longer feels like your photographer, but your friend.

Shahan loves watching and filming movies, group BBQs, and dancing.

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Chandler Jenkins

Leadership. You could be on fire, in a ship sinking in the middle of the ocean during a hurricane and Chandler would still get the shot with a smile on his face. If you're feeling stressed about your big day, surround yourself with the Chandlers of the world.

Chandler is a bodybuilder, and films commercials and music videos when not filming weddings.

Patil Khakhamian

Sociable. Patil is that friend you stay up chatting with till 2am. If you're not careful, she'll be jamming right next to you during open dance. While getting all the shots of course.

Patil loves cooking, traveling, and painting during her free time.

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